A flashback to the seven year old…

“In the farmhouse tree swing, I was gently pushing myself forward and backward in a mindless way with my toe, which could barely touch the ground. There was a creaking noise above me, just as my heart was ripping apart in my chest. The rope emitted a faint straw-like smell that wafted through the air. Tiny particles of dust shone through the sunlight as they drifted slowly to the ground. The air was unusually warm for a mid-March day in Michigan. My mouth tasted like a dried up piece of bread.  I was trying to make any sense of the morning’s events. A panicky feeling went through my bones.


The sun shone brightly, with barely a cloud in the sky, which seemed like such a mockery of my mood. I wondered why other people in the world would be going by on the road at a high rate of speed, totally oblivious to what had just happened. I was appalled at the birds singing so cheerfully.”


Do certain sounds, smells, tastes or sights make you remember things? Do they trigger something for you?

About Myrna Folkert

Myrna is an author who desires to use her gifts to glorify God. She's created this blog to tell stories of her childhood, musings about life, motherless daughters, grief and loss, faith in God, her family history, and facts about the Long QT syndrome. She also has a hearing condition called Tinnitus. Doing interviews with motherless daughters like herself are of great interest. Join in discussions by following this blog and commenting. She would love to hear your stories about life. Myrna is a Christ follower, wife, mother, sister, friend, aunt, and cousin. She was an elementary school teacher for 27 years; now works in her church, and a few other volunteer activities such as Hospice doing "Life Reviews" and Vigils. Myrna loves to read, write, listen to music, go to concerts, and take pictures. Her favorite pastime is boating with her husband near the beautiful shores of West Michigan.
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2 Responses to A flashback to the seven year old…

  1. myrnafolkert says:

    Wow Kelly that is so interesting! We’re taught to write using the senses, and I enjoy that when I’m reading. But I didn’t know what it was called. It’s true for me! Thanks for sharing that!


  2. Kelly says:

    In the counseling area this is called body memory. Not that it helps to know how we can do this, but it helps to know that it is not just our mind that takes in a traumatic event, but our whole body is effected. Everytime I smell cloves immediately the memory of my paternal grandfather comes crashing in. He chewed teaberry gum, which of course smelled like cloves. Funny how we can associate a smell with a person isn’t it?


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