You’re In The Whisper

Mighty miracles of God were happening in Elijah’s day.

The ravens fed Elijah bread and meat in the desert.

The widow’s flour and oil did not run dry during the drought.

The widow’s son was raised from the dead.

Fire of the Lord consumed the water-drenched sacrifice, wood and altar.

Elijah had 450 prophets of Baal slaughtered.

Heavy rain came after years of drought.

Elijah was empowered to run faster than Ahab’s chariot all the way back to the city.

So many awe-inspiring miracles were displayed.

But when Jezebel threatened to kill Elijah, he was afraid and escaped to the desert.

He sat down under a broom tree and told the Lord, “I have had enough.” He just wanted to give up and die.

There God again miraculously supplied for his needs with baked bread over hots coals and jars of water. He wandered 40 days and 40 nights.

The Lord asked him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”

He complained that he was the only one left who believed in God, and people were trying to kill him. He had lost confidence and just couldn’t see the point in all the effort.

A mighty wind tore the mountain apart and shattered the rocks, then an earthquake, and then a fire. But the Lord was not in any of those.

Finally a gentle whisper occurred which caused Elijah to pull his cloak over his face.

God asked him again, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” he answered the same way, distraught that the Israelites had rejected God’s covenant, and he was the only one who still served the Lord.

Elijah was discouraged and felt that his work had been a wasted time, and that his life wasn’t worth living. God demonstrated that he could destroy people and nations, but he chose to speak in the gentle whisper to his depressed servant.

He provided for Elijah throughout his travels with food, water and rest. Later the Lord even showed Elijah that he had preserved a large remnant of people, and he wasn’t the only one who had remained faithful to God and not bent a knee to Baal.

Do you ever feel discouraged? Do you ever want some proof that your efforts and fervent prayers have not been in vain? God doesn’t always show himself with dramatic winds, earthquakes or fires. Listen for the Lord’s still small voice, the whisper of God.

We don’t know what God is doing just beyond our senses. He is moving in the unseen world.

Watch, listen, keep praying! The healing you desire might be a slow process, and not a big one-time miracle. We don’t always see answers when we want to, or it manifests differently than we expected. Things are happening in God’s timing, not ours. He’s not limited by our linear time constraints.

I long for an earth-shattering miracle to heal a friend’s disease.

I’d love to see a windstorm blow away the stress on another friend.

I pray for an outburst of fiery change in a loved one.

Surely, God performs miracles in our day too.

Most times, I need to listen for the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit and trust His timing, His purposes, and His sovereignty. He’s working in and through all the situations I’m praying about.

When I can’t hear or see His hand moving, I pray that I’ll trust His heart. He works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Thank you Lord, you’re in the whisper.


Refer to:

1 Kings 17-19;

Romans 8:28

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About Myrna Folkert

Myrna is an author who desires to use her gifts to glorify God. She's created this blog to tell stories of her childhood, musings about life, motherless daughters, grief and loss, faith in God, her family history, and facts about the Long QT syndrome. She also has a hearing condition called Tinnitus. Doing interviews with motherless daughters like herself are of great interest. Join in discussions by following this blog and commenting. She would love to hear your stories about life. Myrna is a Christ follower, wife, mother, sister, friend, aunt, and cousin. She was an elementary school teacher for 27 years; now works in her church, and a few other volunteer activities such as Hospice doing "Life Reviews" and Vigils. Myrna loves to read, write, listen to music, go to concerts, and take pictures. Her favorite pastime is boating with her husband near the beautiful shores of West Michigan.
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12 Responses to You’re In The Whisper

  1. Judy Boeve says:

    Truly beautiful blog post.

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  2. Carol V P says:

    Very nice reminder, Myrna. When we give up or things seem impossible, God is still near and working!

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  3. Thank you for a lovely reminder. The pictures are so pretty!

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  4. sruszkowski says:

    This touched me right in the heart today. I needed this reminder. Thank you for being obedient and writing this. 🙂


  5. Jan says:

    This is beautiful, Myrna. Such a good reminder to isten for God in the whisper.

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  6. Nancy Maas says:

    Loved this, Myrna!!



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